Beneteau Cup 2016 (UK)

Pantelleria is a black pearl in the middle of a stunning sea.
Pantelleria is the scent of the sweet Zibibbo grape lying in the sun, waiting to become the unique Passito wine.
Pantelleria is a sunset of African lights and colours.
Pantelleria is the wind that blows through the rocks and tunes up melodies that have inspired great artists.
Pantelleria is the unforgettable colour of the seabed.
Pantelleria enchants you through its imperceptible yet real charm.
Even François Chalain following the ‘Route du Jasmin’ with his ‘SoleDonna’, a First 47.7, has more than once headed towards Pantelleria; and that’s where we want to start from with this Bénétau Cup!
We will meet up in Pantelleria for the Bénétau Cup; on 11th August we will meet the participants of the Route du Jasmin to sail along from Pantelleria to Marina di Ragusa, leaving Pantelleria the day after.
The atmosphere of the Bénétau Cup will be the same as when the Bénétau owners meet up in a port: talking about pleasant sailings while sipping a good wine or tasting freshly made, delicious dishes coming straight from the galley, telling about how the catch ended up from the bait to the pan in a few minutes, explaining how a particular sail was the best solution for making navigation quicker and easier. Finally, boasting of that mind-blowing glide across the water.
This is why we have included another competition within the competition...a cooking contest!
On the way from Pantelleria to Marina di Ragusa, you will be cooking.
You will be assigned a dish, at random, on the morning of departure and you will be given all the necessary ingredients.
A second dish of your choice will be optional, which will be your onboard specialty. Every cook has their own, and so will your boat!
A board of experts will judge and rank your dishes. This is a well-tried you will soon see what an experience it will be!
The dishes coming out of your galley will be also shared with the other contestants. But how can we keep the dishes hot until the tasting?
Usually during the regattas everybody starts off all together and they cross the finishing line at different times according to the different speeds of the boats.
The rating system – Rating, Gph, Handicap...there are a number of names denoting the system that levels out boats with different speeds and features – allows all the boats to be at the same level.
For the Pantelleria-Marina di Ragusa the rating system will be calculated at the start of the race; the slowest/smallest boat will set off first and the fastest/largest will set off last. Provided everybody has sailed at their best, this will allow all the boats to arrive roughly at the same time, and the hot dishes to be presented to the panel all together.
After the evening of tasting of the meals prepared onboard and subsequent prize- giving awards, we will have a two-day, inshore regatta. However, we don’t want you to get too stressed or tired, because the best moment will be when we go back to the dock in order to spend some time together, sharing with each other the experiences of the day.
Here is the program:
Contestants arrival in Pantelleria 11/08/2016
Departure Pantelleria-Marina di Ragusa 12/08/2016
Arrival in Marina di Ragusa 13-14/08/2016
Cooking Cup dish presentation to the panel 14/08/2016 Tasting and prize-giving of the dishes presented 14/08/2016 Inshore regatta 15/08/2016
Cocktail party with local products and wine tasting 15/08/2016 Inshore regatta 16/08/2016
Prize-giving 16/08/2016
Farewell dinner 16/08/2016
We are designing a T-shirt for your crew and a special object for your boat as souvenirs of this memorable experience.
Registration fee is 310 euros for boats longer than 12 m, 260 euros for boats less than 12 m , and 180 euros for boats less than 10 m.
For registrations before 20th July there will be a discount on the registration fee: 250 euros for boats longer than 12 m, 210 for boats less than 12 m, and 140 euros for boats less than 10 m.

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